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Check out all the resources in this series!


Check out all the resources in this series!

Words for First great story

Words for Second Great Story

Words for Third Great Story

Words for Montessori Fourth Great Story

Words for Montessori Fifth Great Story

Fundamental needs: then and now

Fundamental Needs Industrial Revolution Great Britain

Fundamental Needs Modern Times

Fundamental Needs Stone Age

Fundamental Needs Iron Age

Fundamental Needs Bronze Age

Fundamental need student workbook

Fundamental need extensions

Fundamental need flip book

Fundamental needs of Pre Colonial pictures of Native Americans

Fundamental Needs Research projects for 9-12

Fundamental Needs and Environmental Factors research projects for 9 - 12

Hunter Gatherer, Nomadic Herder, Agrarian Sorting


Recognising Religious Symbols, elements and features

Religious places of worship 

Buddhism 5 part cards

Judaism 5 part cards

Christianity 5 part cards

Hinduism 5 part cards 

Islam 5 part cards

Montessori Clock of Eras: 3 part cards


Montessori Clock of Eras: Features of each era
Montessori Clock of Eras Charts

Features of each era picture edition

Cambrian Period Matching Cards

Devonian Period Matching Cards

Carboniferous Period Matching Cards

Permian Period Matching Cards

Silurian Period Matching Cards

Ordovician Period Matching cards

Early life research

Early life research interactive notebook

Elementary Discussion Questions

Fossil matching activity

Fossil 3 part cards

History Timeline cards BCE CE BC AD

Christ as the center of history story

Timeline of Early Hominids

2nd great story script and powerpoint


Jurassic Period Cards

Triassic Period Cards

Cretaceous Period Cards

Neogene Period Cards

Paleogene Period Cards

Quartenary Period cards

Area and Perimeter task cards

Montessori Clock of Eras timeline of life


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