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History Timeline cards BCE CE + BC AD (cosmic) (history)

History Timeline cards BCE CE + BC AD (cosmic) (history)

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History Timeline cards and research to help students order or sequence important dates in history between BCE/BC and CE/AD. Helps students develop a sense of time and their place in history!

Spanish version available HERE



-Letter sized pages each with a date, description and full color photograph. Includes a mini version too.

-Letter sized pages with a paragraph description of each event.

-Research projects 1 per page of the main dates

-16 shelf work task cards


I have included a large variety of dates throughout history . You can take out ones that are irrelevant to your students. Dates included:


-Earth was formed

-Mesozoic era

-First Modern Humans

-Building of the Great Pyramids

-Beginning of Greek Civilization

-Modern Alphabet invented

-Founding of Rome

-Birth of Buddha

-Building of Great Wall of China

-Birth of Jesus

- Birth of Muhammed

- First University

-Printing invented in China

-Invention of the watch

-Invention of the locomotive

- First Montessori class

- invention of the first petrol car

-End of WWI

-End of WW2

-Invention of the silicon chip

-Jane Goodall starts her work with Chimpanzees

-First moon landing

-First Personal Computers



-Native Americans arrive in USA 20 000 BCE

- George Washington becomes president

-Declaration of independence 1776

-Susan B Anthony Arrested

-African American Civil Rights Movement 1950s-1960s

-Barack Obama becomes 44th President



Canada becomes a confederation

War between USA and (Britain) Canada

Maple leaf flag



Aboriginal Australians arrive

The First Fleet

Matthew Flinders mapping Australia

Sydney Opera House opened



Māori arrive in NZ

Treaty of Waitangi Signed

Matariki as a National Holiday




Great fire of London

Queen Victoria

2022 Commonwealth games.




I have included extra cards additional to the 22 base cards for you to add to this activity if you wish. These are cards with dates specific to the US / Canada / England/ Australia and New Zealand. The activity works perfectly well without these extra cards however they make a great addition. You will find these cards at the back of the pack.

- 17 Research project worksheets: print and go



--Students put the picture under the heading BCE or CE – great for younger students

--Students order the dates. It is suggested you put a self correction on the back so students can check whether they have the cards in the correct order


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