Elementary Discussion Questions

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A range of Discussion questions to help apply, review, critique and analyse student knowledge. Let’s ensure our children are global, peaceful, knowledgeable citizens by ensuring they have opportunities to gain these qualities in our Montessori 6-12 classrooms!

The ideas can be used during whole class group or circle time in Lower Elementary Montessori or Upper Elementary Montessori or as journal ideas for students to write about, for example you could write a journal idea on the whiteboard for children to write about. There is no shelf work included

As Montessori classes are different and located around the world in many cultures there may be questions that are not suited for you. I do hope though that there is plenty of ‘food for thought’ in here and these ideas may help you generate your own questions and discussion topics

16 pages - at least 10 questions for each topic listed below!

*Follow up questions for Great Lesson 1 - 21 questions
*Follow up questions for Great Lesson 2 - 21 questions
*Follow up questions for Great Lesson 3 - 22 questions
*Follow up questions for Great Lesson 4 - 10 questions
*Follow up questions for Great Lesson 5 - 10 questions
*Social and Emotional Development - 25 questions
*Citizenship/Peace Education Questions - 13 questions
*Grace and Courtesy and Practical life - 24 questions

--Scientists say there are still many animals in the Oceans that we have not yet discovered. Imagine you have found one of these animals. Draw it and label it. Tell me about its special features.

16 pages

--What would the world be like if there were no boats/cars/planes…..
--Who are people who help our community?
--If someone doesn’t want to play with you does this mean they are not your friend?