Loyalty points

You now get 10 points for each dollar spent on montessorikiwi.com (This does not include courses on https://montessorikiwicourses.teachable.com/ )

150 points can be redeemed for $1 and spent on any order!

To see your points or start earning them simply click on the large purple button on the bottom of montessorikiwi.com that says 'rewards'

If you have created an account previously on montessorikiwi.com I have manually adjusted all your previous purchases to give you credit for your previous orders. 

If you have used guest checkout I have not given you points as I am not allowed to by the system. If you wish to have your previous 'guest' orders counted and you did not have an account prior today, let me know (email montessorikiwi(at)gmail.com and I will adjust it in the system for you. NOTE - you must create an account first before I can do this!