Can I pay in my local currency?

Due to our international client base we have set our store to US Dollars. We do not control the local payment currency set up on your phone or computer with third party apps


How can I pay for products?

You can pay for products either by credit card or by paypal. Your credit card details are encrypted and will remain secure. Payment is set in US Dollars 



Can I share this resource?

Yes if you buy additional licenses. You need to buy enough licenses to cover who will be benefitting from it. SImply put one license (buying one copy) means you can use the resource in one classroom/homeschool. If you buy two copies you can share this in two classrooms and so on. 


✔Use this in your classroom

✔Use this in your homeschool


✖Share this with a friend unless you buy additional licenses

✖Give copies to people at your school (digital or hard copy) unless you buy additional licenses

✖Upload this to any shared drive like Google Drive, Amazon Inspire, Weebly, A blog


My file doesn't look right on the screen

Please ensure you have downloaded your resource with the latest version of Adobe. If you are using a preview function in your internet browser the page may look different.

How do I download my file?

 Once you have purchased the item from the Montessorikiwi.com shop you will receive an email in your inbox.
If you do not see an email in your inbox, don’t panic. Please check your spam folder and your promotions tab if you use gmail. Try searching “Montessorikiwi” or the products name in your email to see if it has been filtered into another folder.

If this doesn’t work. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Please forward a copy of your receipt to info@montessorikiwi.com or contact us on our message button. We will endeavor to deal with your request as soon as possible, please remember we are based in New Zealand so we may be in a different time zone to you. If you did not receive a receipt, it probably means your order wasn’t processed. You can find your receipt by doing a search for Montessorikiwi in your email. If that doesn’t work please email us with your order number and we will find your receipt.

Will you send something to me in the mail or by post?

No. You can however buy physical copies of our resources from http://www.lighthouselearningllc.com/montessorikiwi 

I want a refund

Unfortunately, all sales are final. Due to the digital nature of your purchase we cannot give refunds as you still have the download. 

Who are you?

You can find out about me here

What is a zip file?

A ZIP file is compressed folder containing multiple files. It allows people to transfer many files at once, and takes less storage space at once. We use this on Montessorikiwi to store bundle files.

 Both Windows and MAC OSX are able to open and uncompress ZIP files without additional software. Smartphones (including Iphone and Android) and Tablets (including Iphone AND Android  require additional apps to download these products. Iphone and Ipad users can install Izip for free, and Android users should be able to pen ZIP fies via B1 Archiver or 7Zipper.

 Heres how to open a ZIP file that you have downloaded from montessorikiwi.com.

 Opening a ZIP file on Microsoft Windows

  1. Right-click on the unopened ZIP.
  2. press “Extract All” on the menu bar.
  3. Pick a destination. This is the place where you want to store the unzipped files. For example, you could chose “My Documents”.
  4. Click “Extract”.

How to locate and extract file after downloading on Google Chrome.

  1. After the file has downloaded, locate it on the download at the bottom of the Google Chrome browser, and click to open the Extraction Tool.
  2. Right click the button at the top of the explorer window that says “Extract All”
  3. After extraction finished, a new window will open containing the files inside the ZIP. If you see a folder named  _MACOSX, you can delete or ignore it. Those files are created when the ZIP is made on a Mac, and are not used by windows.

What to do if your computer runs MAC OSX:

 Double-click the unopened ZIP – the file should extract automatically. If that doesn’t work, hold down the control key and click the ZIP icon. Choose “Open with and select “Archive Utitility.” The utility will extract the ZIP files, and you can find them in the same folder where you downloaded them.

 What if I have tried these instructions and I am still having trouble opening a ZIP file?

 For a simple solution that works on Windows and Mac OSX, we recommend extracting ZIP files online using one of these free websites: 


What if I’m receiving an error messages about a ZIP file?

Common error messages in Windows include:

  • “Path too long” – The complete filename, including its location on your system , is too long. This is probably because there are nested folders in the ZIP file. Instead, try extracting the ZIP file to a new folder on your desktop, instead of your system folders. You can move the folder later.
  • The destination file could not be created” – This message can occur when the ZIP file is in a protected area. Try moving the ZIP file into one of the user profile folders, such as “Downloads” or “documents” before extracting it. If that doesn’t work, the ZIP may be corrupted, or may have strong compression that windows cannot open.
  • If you get a different error or need another solution, contact us or try one of the ree websites about.

Common error messages n Mac OSX include:

  • “Operation not permitted” or “No such file or directory” – These are rare and somewhat general messages that often mean the file is corrupted or otherwise inaccessible. If you’re unable to resolve the issue, contact us or try of the free websites listed above.

What if I can see the files listed in the ZIP file, but I’m unable to open them?

 If using windows, this can happen if you’re previewing a ZIP file that was made in MAC OSX. Apples compression software adds an extra folder and files that can make it tricky to extract the ZIP using windows.