Preorder: Geographic Impressionistic Bundle (cosmic)

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Geographic Impressionistic Charts for the 21st Century! 

Count me in!

This is a preorder. You will be sent group 2 (sun) charts today. 

Groups 3 and 4  will be available at the end of Jan/ Start of Feb

Group 1 will be  ready mid feb

The Preorder price will increase on 30th Jan 2022

If you buy now the cost is a little over 10 cents a page!

This 400 page bundle is arranged into four main groups. Each group is given a generic title, however as we know there is lots of cross over so you may find another relevant chart in another group. 

Each Group features around 100 pages of content for you to use

Group 1: Space and Earth (covering the content of traditional geographic impressionistic charts 1-6)

Group 2: Sun  (covering the content of traditional geographic impressionistic charts 7-11)

Group 3: Heat (covering the content of traditional geographic impressionistic charts 12-18)

Group 4: Climate, Seasons and Weather  (covering the content of traditional geographic impressionistic charts 19-28)

Each 'Group' will have around 100 pages of content including: 

  • Contents/Sorting page for the adult
  • Strong Multi-cultural content
  • Geographic impressionistic Charts 
  • An allegorical story or scientific explanation for the chart 
  • Simple science experiments or demonstrations that can be carried out with everyday equipment
  • A choice board that allows children to explore a concept or idea that interests them and show their knowledge or thinking in a variety of ways including art, hands on activities, drama, and writing.
  • Activities that engage 6-10 year olds and awaken the child to the interdependency of the universe and the cosmic task of all in it. 
  • Activities arranged under key questions or concepts children might wonder about.

Plus you will also receive a single set of: 

  • Key vocabulary cards that have a picture of the key concept and a brief child friend description. These are perfect for helping with working memory. 
  • Handwriting and Cursive sheets linked to the key vocabulary. 

 Find out more here

When is it arriving?

Groups 2,3,4 Landing Jan 30th /Start of Feb 2022

Group 1 Landing Mid Feb 2022

Is all the content new?

The overwhelming amount of this content is brand new. Some of the Group 1 are reworked resources from my Volcanoes and Earthquake bundle. Nearly all of the group 2,3,4 pages are new.

I already own the Cosmic Bundle or the Whole Store Bundle, do I need to order this separately?

No you don't I will send this to you for free!

How do I use these?

These activities are a 21st version of the traditional Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts. The charts in most training methods feature a picture, explanation and a couple of experiments to illustrate the picture.  I've updated and expanded the content to include  a huge range of possible follow up activities, key vocabulary, and handwriting tasks so that there is something for all types of learners and interests!

Is this the First Great Story?

No, this is material that connects with the First Great story. As the content is so vast you may find yourself dipping in to this content all year around. 

Why have you put the charts into groups?

To make it easier to see what you may want to cover and to make the materials accessible i've sorted the materials into groups. The groups are ways you may wish to teach the materials but they certainly aren't set in stone as you know your learners better than me!

Do I need to be of a particular training organisation to understand these? 


Are the activities suitable for homeschoolers?

Yes, there are a variety of activities at different levels allowing these to be used by multiple or a single child in different ways year after year. 

Should I cover everything in this bundle in order?

No way! Please follow your child and what interests them.





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