Montessori 6-12

Montessori 6-12 elementary educational  resources made by a teacher available for instant download.  Three part Montessori cards and Montessori inspired materials for

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Water Cycle 3 Part Cards - montessorikiwi

Water Cycle 3 Part Cards

3 part cards to learn stages of the water cycle Beautiful graphics which isolate and explain the features of:CondensationPrecipitationTranspirati...

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Australia and Oceania Places - montessorikiwi

Australia and Oceania Places

Montessori inspired continent activity about famous places of Australasia/Oceania or countries of the South Pacific This activity is designed for ...

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MRS GREN comparison between fungi, animal and plants - montessorikiwi

MRS GREN comparison between fungi, animal and plants

Needs and Characteristics of Living Things: Montessori inspired biology, zoology or botany tool. Children compare how an elephant, sunflower and f...

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Plants, Animal, Fungi Sorting - montessorikiwi

Plants, Animal, Fungi Sorting

Students sort pictures of animals, plants and fungi under a heading card. Montessori Inspired. There are no words in this item apart from the head...

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Rainforest Layers 3 part cards - montessorikiwi

Rainforest Layers 3 part cards

  3 part cards for children to learn the features of the layers of the rainforest. Beautiful graphics which isolate each layer in Montessori styl...

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Cosmic Bundle - montessorikiwi
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Cosmic Bundle

INCLUDES: Check out all the resources in this series! INCLUDES:Check out all the resources in this series!Words for First great storyWords for Se...

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Australia and Oceania Bundle - montessorikiwi
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Australia and Oceania Bundle

  Montessori inspired social studies and science activities about Oceania or countries of the South Pacific Contains Australia and Oceania places...

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Devonian Period - montessorikiwi

Devonian Period

Devonian Period work Looking for work to do with Prehistoric time? This work will help your class find out about the the Paleozoic Era looking at...

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Australia and Oceania animals - montessorikiwi

Australia and Oceania animals

Montessori inspired cards that introduce children to 10 different animals of oceania. Designed for fluent readers Contains:KiwiKookaburraHector's ...

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Earthquake Matching Cards - montessorikiwi

Earthquake Matching Cards

Teach keywords about the science of earthquakes to your students. These cards have pictures which students match up to the word and definition. Su...

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Enlargement, Reflection, Rotation Activity - montessorikiwi

Enlargement, Reflection, Rotation Activity

In this activity students -Enlarge a shape by a scale factor of 2 -Reflect a shape across a line– the line is the word ‘reflect it’ -Rotate a shap...

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Fundamental Needs then/now - montessorikiwi

Fundamental Needs then/now

A simple card sorting activity for montessori fundamental needs of humans with self correction for children to sort whether an item was from then ...

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Geography Task Cards - montessorikiwi

Geography Task Cards

Elementary cultural geography and physical geography projects. Suitable for children in mainstream or Montessori classrooms. Many of these project...

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Maps of Oceania / Pacific Islands - montessorikiwi

Maps of Oceania / Pacific Islands

A map of the Islands of the Pacific Ocean and Australia and New Zealand 4 versions 2 x colour 2 x BW 2 x labelled 2 x unlabelled   4 pages - PD...

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Montessori grammar activity set 1 - montessorikiwi

Montessori grammar activity set 1

Montessori Elementary extension activity for parts of speech, grammar and language. Students fill in the blanks in these six (6) stories. The re...

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Montessori Store Bundle - montessorikiwi
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Montessori Store Bundle

  Montessori MEGA Store BundleAll of my Montessori resources for ages 3-12, preschool and elementary. There are currently $740 dollars worth of in...

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