Fundamental Needs Extensions

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Montessori resource for extending and applying learners thinking with fundamental human needs.

This is a series of Fundamental Need Extensions. These 50 activities allow your Montessori Elementary Students to apply their knowledge of Fundamental Needs in creative ways.

Ideal for students who have practised Fundamental Need nomenclature or as an alternative way to engage students in thinking about Fundamental Needs.

Made for fluent readers.

Each page has 2 task cards on it. Just cut the page in half to make the individual activities.

2 task cards: Religion
5 task cards: Communication
7 task cards: Defence/Defense
5 task cards: Transport
7 task cards: Food
6 task cards: Shelter
5 task cards: Health
5 task cards: Art/Culture
5 task cards: Clothing
5 task cards: Tools

33 pages