Vocab words for Fourth Great Story


Montessori Elementary Great Story or Great Lesson Material for the story of writing, the fourth of great lesson.

Included are 12 terms children may hear during the story. As the great stories are so rich sometimes children may not hear all of the key vocabulary we wish them to hear. These cards help children 'tune in' or remember the key language.

Choose the words you need:
cave drawings
civilisations / civilization
tyrian purple

2 materials are included:

1. Words with a description and picture. Use these while telling the story for children to have a concrete understanding of the terms or they can be used as a glossary and put on your shelf.

2. I have also included the same list of words (no explanations) in a large font. Often when telling the story I put down these concept words before I tell the story on the ground so the children can 'listen out' for them. It is another way of engaging children!

3. A Choice Board to help students learn this vocabulary.

These cards have been designed as an introduction to concepts which makes them ideal for 6-9 classes.

Perfect for distance learning!

9 pages

You can get this resource as part of my Great Stories Vocab bundle or my Great Lessons bundle. Get this resource as part of my Money saving Cosmic Bun

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Get this resource as part of my Money saving Cosmic Bundle


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