Fundamental Human Needs Student Workbook



This work book is designed for a Montessori 6-9 class and works in tandem with the Third Great Montessori Story. Great for clarifying wants vs needs.

Using the Fundamental need cards children can work independently in this work book to connect knowledge from the card with their own knowledge. 

This book is a great way of helping children apply, imagine and connect knowledge as opposed to just 'memorising' facts about wants and needs. It will help you see whether the students can get the deeper concepts of what it is to be human!

Examples of activities:
- Design your own menu
- Discuss what these religious symbols are
- Look at the flag, find the country and write what language people speak here
- Find out currencies of different countries
- Draw clothes on to pictures of what people wear in winter and what people wear in summer
- Use a Venn diagram to compare how your house is different to the house of someone else.

Covers the Fundamental Needs of:
Food x 2 pages
Communication x 2 pages
Social Acceptance
Legal System

While produced in color this document prints out fine in Black and White :) 

Spaces have been designed so that students can write and draw responses. 



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