About me

My name is Lisa

I live in New Zealand and love chocolate, walks and learning stuff.

I am a trained teacher in preschool through to college (high school).

I have experience teaching Montessori 5-9 and Mainstream ages 5-13. 

My teaching philosophy is Montessori Infused. I love learning from other pedagogies and believe our educational methods should adapt to the children in front of us. All my Montessori experience has been in Montessori units attached to a mainstream/traditional school. 

I have a particular passion for ensuring that our classrooms are welcoming places for Indigenous and the global majority families and try to ensure my resources present and reach the diverse children in our classrooms.

I live in a neurodiverse household and value the different perspectives and ways of doing life that this brings! I value process as much as product and am continuing to increase my knowledge to improve how I teach those who are neurodiverse. 

My resources :
-Are culturally inclusive
-Encourage children to think beyond themselves to find their place in society
-Easy for teachers to use
-We are affirming of different faith communities, the LGBTQI+ community and Indigenous Rights. We don’t believe we (or Montessori) have all the answers and aspire to be lifetime learners.