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Cosmic Bundle

Cosmic Bundle

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This cosmic bundle (delivered as a digital set of files only) has all you need to teach cosmic education in a Montessori class or homeschool, filled with ready to use resources for your learners the vast majority have instructions and all link to my free cosmic scope and sequence so you can see how they fit!.

 I want you to enjoy teaching Cosmic Education and not feel overwhelmed. 

The cosmic bundle has everything you need to teach cosmic education and it is linked to my scope and sequence! It is perfect for teachers or homeschoolers and is used around the globe by many happy people.

I really felt that these files were diverse and showed a major effort to include lost narratives in the traditional cosmic curriculum. I will say that while I love hearing the story of the creator and how this supports her .... Brittany

This is an unbelievable bundle! I love it. I will use some this year but will definitely be adding these resources to my teaching next year! Again thank you! - Theresa



First Great Story Resources

Geographic Impressionistic Chart Bundle

Words for First Great Story

First Great Story Choice Board 

Montessori First Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Clock of Eras: 3 part cards

Montessori Clock of Eras: Features of each era

Montessori Clock of Eras Charts 

Montessori Clock of Eras timeline of life

Features of each era picture edition

My Cosmic Address (Cosmic Nesting Dolls)

Life Cycle of a Star Craftivity

Creation Soundscapes

Laws of the Universe

Planets Research


Second Great Story Resources 

Words for Second Great Story

Second Great Story Choice Board

Montessori Second Great story script and powerpoint

Early life Who Am I?

Early life research 

Early life research interactive notebook

Fossil matching activity

Fossil 3 part cards

Spheres Of The Earth

Paleozoic Sorting

Paleozoic Research

Paleozoic Cloze

Mesozoic Sorting

Mesozoic Research

Mesozoic Cloze

Cenozoic Sorting

Cenozoic Research

Cenozoic Cloze 

Atmosphere Cards


Third Great Story Resources

Words for Third Great Story

Third Great Story Choice Board

Montessori Third Great Story Script and Powerpoint

History Timeline cards BCE CE BC AD

Christ as the Center of History Story

Fundamental Needs: then and now

Fundamental Needs Industrial Revolution Great Britain

Fundamental Needs Modern Times

Fundamental Needs Stone Age

Fundamental Needs Iron Age

Fundamental Needs Bronze Age

Fundamental Needs student workbook

Fundamental Needs extensions

Fundamental Need flip book

Fundamental needs of Pre Colonial pictures of Native Americans

Fundamental Needs Research projects for 9-12

Fundamental Needs and Environmental Factors research projects for 9 - 12

Fundamental needs by Type Set 

Nomadic Herder, Agrarian Sorting

Recognising Religious Symbols, elements and features

Religious places of worship 

Buddhism 5 part cards

Judaism 5 part cards

Christianity 5 part cards

Hinduism 5 part cards 

Islam 5 part cards

Timeline of Early Hominids

Positive Role Model Bundle


Fourth Great Story Resources

Words for Montessori Fourth Great Story





Fourth Great Story Choice Board 

Montessori Fourth Great Story Script and Powerpoint


Fifth Great Story Resources

Words for Montessori Fifth Great Story

Fifth Great Story Choice Board

Montessori Fifth Great Story Script and Powerpoint


Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations - Egypt

Ancient Civilizations - Persia

Ancient Civilizations - China



Elementary Discussion Questions


Digital Resources

Planets research  (Digital Version)

Clock of Eras Activities (Digital Version)

Clock of Eras cloze paragraphs (Digital Version)

Clock of Eras Slideshow (Digital Version)

Early LIfe Research for Montessori (Digital Version)

Montessori Fundamental Needs Interactive notebooks (Digital Edition)

Fundamental Needs Student Workbook (Digital Edition)


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