Place Value Bundle

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Montessori Elementary math: Place value bundle.

These 6 activities are a great addition to any montessori lower elementary maths class. They cover essential skills using golden beads and stamp game.

You will find the following materials in this bundle (NOTE : these files are also available individually)

Introduction to base 10 40 pages
Students will learn:
- Place value of units, tens, hundreds and thousands
- How to read written numbers and numerals in the 10s, 100s and 100s

Make me 30 pages
The child makes the stated number on the card an activity for students who are just starting to learn numbers with the Golden Bead material

Place Value Tens and units 60 pages
Hands on place value activities with tens and units, students practise making largest and smallest numbers with a series of differing numerals.

Adding with tens 20 pages
Task cards. Using golden beads or stamp game students can see how adding in the tens column changes the tens column digit! Most questions are static equations.

Basic Place Value Task Cards 14 pages
Simple task cards with tens and units

Advanced place value task cards 75 pages
Command Cards: 50 Activities to help with place value with hundreds, tens and units. Written on cards that can be cut up and put into your maths shelf.
Example questions
-How many tens in 490?
- Make the number that has 49 groups of ten
- Make 3000 more than 3245

Advanced place value task cards set 2
112 task cards to help children with 4-7 digit numbers.

Montessori Math: Hundreds Board Task Cards

Montessori Math: Hundred Board Puzzle Piece Task Cards


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