Montessori math: Adding with 10s Golden Beads and Stamp Game


This work is intended for students who need help in skip counting with decades e.g. 21 + 20 is really 21 + 10 + 10. This work will help students see how adding in the tens column means that usually (in static equations) 'nothing' happens to the units column.

These task cards are Montessori Color-coded!

Using golden beads or stamp game students can see how adding in the tens column changes the tens column digit! Most questions are static equations.

Practice is also given in finding addends and in applying knowledge using word problems

Simple to use - print, laminate, cut - if desired put an answer on the back of cards.

***50 questions like '34 + 10 = ' '62+ 30 ='
***36 questions like 42 + __ = 62
***18 word problem task cards: 'There are 43 cars in one car park and 50 in another. How many cars altogether?


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