Advanced Place Value Task Cards


Montessori Math Elementary place value math activity designed for fluent readers. Common core linked.

Command Cards: 144 Activities to help with place value with hundreds, tens and units. Can be used alongside any montessori math hands on equipment. Designed by a Montessori teacher.


Answers (referring to stamp game included)

Written on cards that can be cut up and put into your maths shelf.
If desired put a self-correction on the back!


24 questions of the type: Make the number for 49 groups of ten ; how many tens altogether in 345?

24 questions of the type: Make 350 more than 5000 or Make 700 less than 2700

24 questions of the type: Make 126, now add 200 more. How many do you have?

24 questions of the type: 780 is the same as 78 groups of ten, true or false?

24 questions of the type: What is the value of the 4 in 2349?

24 questions of the type: Make this number 7000 + 200 + 60 + 3 


You can read more about the importance of questions such as this here

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