World Religion and Philosophies Bundle

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Develop your students intellectual knowledge as well as developing their Emotional Intelligence about world religions / Philosophies with these Montessori match up cards for features of different religions such as important symbols, places and beliefs. 

Covers the faiths of: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism.

Respect, Compassion and tolerance are vital in today's world so that we empower out students to be agents of social justice.  

This activity has been designed as an introduction to religion / different worldviews. It is not a comprehensive discussion of all the nuances of these belief systems. Nor is it is intended as a resource that explains every aspect of a worldview or religion.

A download allows you to share this with your immediate class or homeschool. This resource must not be uploaded into Facebook groups, public blogs, public google drives or similar. Please direct people to this page to get their own copy.

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Includes a set of Montessori style 5 part cards for the following World Religions/ Philosophies:
Religious places of worship
Recognising Religious Symbols, Elements and Features

Bonus files:

Religious Leaders Match up

47 pages



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