Montessori Personal skills and abilties assessment

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Montessori Assessment. This is the ideal companion for Montessori 6-12 teachers who want to look at the holistic skills their learners know.

Divided into four sections:
Self management

Each section has a series of statements which you as the teacher can mark the current level of attainment using a simple rubric. The three rubric categories are Always, Sometimes, Not yet developed

For example under Self Management:
- can independently plan their own work day
- can articulate class rules
- chooses appropriate work

For example under Thinking:
- can prioritize tasks
- is open to changing their opinion when new ideas are presented

For example under Communication:
- asks questions of others
- aware of social conventions when communicating e.g. applause, introducing a speaker

For example under Collaboration
- can work successfully in groups
- has fun when working with others
- works well with classmates who are not the child's 'friends'

Older students can self assess themselves against the rubric OR you may want to assess children perhaps focusing on a 'theme' a term/semester.

* Great for goal setting meetings/reports
* These can be used for students to see their next steps

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