Montessori Botany Test for Assessment

  • $4.00

Montessori Botany Test for 6-12 Montessori students to assess knowledge of botany

This test can be given to fluent readers in a 6-9 Montessori class.

It will help you quickly assess next learning steps and lessons. An answer key is given and a marking rubric. Rubric is very easy to use and coded against test so you can flick from test paper to marking rubric and immediately see student knowledge.

Topics assessed:

- parts of .....
- types of ......
- function of ....
- monocots and dicots
- bryophytes and tracheophytes
- angiosperm and gymnosperm
- seed dispersal
- needs of plants
- photosynthesis

-Excellent tool to have to track current students progress
-Great for giving to 9-12 teacher to show what student knows
-Good formative assessment for you to plan your next lessons
- Good practice for sitting standardized tests