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Montessori Great Lesson or Story Bundle

Montessori Great Lesson or Story Bundle

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New or experienced in Montessori 6-12 this is the perfect pack for revitalising your Great Lesson teaching.



1) Upskill with a 30 minute video that outlines how the Great Lessons and Cosmic Education relate and outlines follow up themes you can pull out of the great lessons:  'Elementary Bootcamp - I've given the great lessons now what?' 


2) Scripts for the Great Lessons (1-5)

Each script comes with a powerpoint presentation that you can use to accompany your presentation.

Montessori First Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Second Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Third Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Fourth Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Fifth Great Story Script and Powerpoint


3) Discussion questions for all the Great Lessons

The ideas can be used during whole class group or circle time in Lower Elementary Montessori or Upper Elementary Montessori or as journal ideas for students to write about, for example you could write a journal idea on the whiteboard for children to write about


4) Key words for the shelf or for your delivery of the lessons to help students focus on key concepts.

These are especially helpful for neuro diverse or ELL learners in your class who need help understanding key vocabulary. A picture prompt and brief explanation of the word are given. 

A choice board of follow up vocabulary activities is also given.

Words for First great story

Words for Second Great Story

Words for Third Great Story

Words for Montessori Fourth Great Story

Words for Montessori Fifth Great Story


 5) Choice Boards for the Great Stories. 

Perfect for home. or school these follow up tasks allow your learners to explore aspects of the relevant  Great Story based on their needs and interests. Students choose the activities they want to do from the provided grid.

First Great Story Choice Board 

Second Great Story Choice Board

Third Great Story Choice Board

Fourth Great Story Choice Board

Fifth Great Story Choice Board


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