Doubles plus 1


Montessori math: Doubles Plus One equations include facts such as 3 + 4 and 5+6. Using knowledge of doubles your elementary students will quickly learn this mental math strategy of near doubles.

This product uses hands on Montessori math materials to help your student learn their near doubles from 2 + 3 to 9 + 10

1.Color AND Black and white set of bead cards with answers for students to see the relationship between double and the near double. This can also be used as a math center where student matches the written numeral to the picture.

2.Blank Color AND Black and white set of bead cards with space for student to write in the answer

3.Black and White set of bead cards with the double answer given and space for student to write in the ‘near double’ .This can also be laminated and used as a math center. The student can write the missing answer with a whiteboard marker.

4.Also 7 worksheets for follow up work

5.1 page of word problems that can be used as a maths centre

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