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Laws of the Universe - Cosmic extensions

Laws of the Universe - Cosmic extensions

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These experiments are a contemporary version of the traditional Montessori “Laws of the Universe.” These are usually given to 6- to 8- year olds. All of the experiments are included except the “passing from gas to liquid to solid” experiment.

Read more about how I used them here. 

They have been designed for classrooms and homeschoolers and use items commonly found in department stores so they can be easily replicated at home.


The experiments are key ideas that will be introduced or touched on in the First Great Story. When telling the First Great Story, you may wish to include some or all of these experiments during your retelling to highlight key points.


Two different recording sheets are included. Choose the one that suits your needs.


How to present:

-Introduce the experiment and demonstrate how to use it.

-Encourage the child to independently repeat the experiment in their own time and how to fill in the record sheet.

-Dependent on the child, you may wish to introduce the “key idea” and draw links to the universe.

-Make clear to the child or student your expectations regarding adult supervision of the experiments. I have clearly marked experiments that need adult supervision.


19 Science experiments outlined including:


- Cold - Freezing

- The Formation of the Star

- Solid, Liquid, Gas

- Liquid - Viscous

-Solid to Liquid to Gas

-Particles that come together and stay apart

- Mixture

- Combination of Gas

- Crystals

- Chemical Reaction

- Precipitation

- Properties of Solid, Liquid and Gas

- Elastic, Plastic, Rigid

- Matter at Different Temperatures

Disclaimer: All care has been taken to ensure that these experiments are as safe as possible. However, adult supervision is highly recommended. The presenting adult or teacher should read through the experiments before presenting them to children.



Espanol - Vista previa del recurso aquí


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