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US Money Bundle

US Money Bundle

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 Have you been looking for an affordable and comprehensive set of Montessori US Money resources that compliment what you are doing in your Montessori home or school? 

Have you been looking for something relevant?

I know the feeling!

This instant download of 300 pages  helps students link knowledge of commonly used money to other math concepts they are learning.

I've also included self correction wherever possible.

I've divided it into two sets as it is so big!

Set 1 is for learners aged 4-6. Set 2 is for learners aged 6-9. You can pick and choose from whichever set picks your needs as you get both in this bundle. 


Set 1 Aimed at ages 4-6. Includes 121 pages

Money Identification

- 3 part cards of commonly used coins and notes, to help students identify coins and bills.

- Posters that explain who and what is on our money students can then make their own Montessori style booklet about the different denominations using one of the several templates provided. 

- Roll and Cover Game. In this activity, children roll a dice and cover up money.

- Is this a US coin or not? Students sort money under whether it is a US coin or not. A great link to cultural studies this activity really helps students look closely at coins. 

- Which is worth more? Which bill or coin is worth more.  Clip and Flip cards.

Counting and addition

- A different take on numbers and counters. Students match the numeral to the picture of pennies.

- Counting with pennies and colored beads 1-10. Students put down the colored bead cards in order and place a card with the associated number of pennies beside it.

- Counting with coins and colored beads 11-19. A similar activity to counting with pennies from 1-10 this activity builds upon students growing confidence of numbers larger than 10  using the dime alongside pennies to help them see the connection to money and the bead bars.

- What money would I use to buy worksheet

- Money sorting activity children sort cards under the correct heading $1, $1.20 or $1.50 or odd balls

-Money Skip Counting. Students who have done skip counting with the bead chains or bead bars will find this activity a great real life connection to how counting can be used in real life. Students can count in tens with dimes or in fives with nickels.

Set 2 Aimed at ages 6-9. Includes 177 pages

At the 6-9 level as students grow in their sophistication with numbers I've included a range of activities that help link student knowledge across the math curriculum. You can also use the activities in set 1, as you get both sets in this bundle! if

-Money Identification: 5 part cards.

-Fractions: Students see the fractions of a dollar with an interactive fraction circle and fraction bars

-Making amounts and using addition and subtraction. A range of hands on activities that ask students to manipulate money to find the answer. Including:

*Pegging the money to make the amount

*3 part cards where students count the total amount of money on a card (bills and coins)

*Clip and flip  to make the total amount (find the missing money)

*Finding different ways to make an amount with money mats ( 2 versions)

*Giving change clip and flip cards 2 versions

-Understanding place value: Addition money cards and rounding to the nearest dollar

*Shopping game - Supermarket version and Gardening Version

And to really bring it all together I've included a range of open ended money math problems and traditional "straight algorithm"  money equations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums that use Montessori color coding.


This is an instant download of 300 pages and will be delivered to your inbox. 


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