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Page number = 1738 pages

PDF Files and some editable powerpoint

Currently included in the bundle:

Division tables booklet
Multiplication tables booklet
Christmas Stamp Game
Words for Fifth Great Story
Words for Fourth Great Story
BC/AD Research projects
Christ as the Center of history story
Trophic Food Pyramid
Vertebrate Book
Invertebrate Book
Silurian Period
Ordovician Period
Measurement activities
seasonal wheel - northern hemisphere
seasonal wheel - southern hemisphere
Montessori number bonds to 10
Montessori Number bonds 11-18
Independent graphing activities
Special Education Assistant Pack
Name tags
Early life research interactive notebooks
Fossil Matching Activity
Fossils of different eras 3 part cards
Montessori colored beads fact families
Clock of Eras 3 part cards
Clock of Eras charts
Clock of Eras features of each era
3 part cards: Dinosaurs
Montessori Teacher Binder
Montessori Work Plans
Fundamental needs work book
Letter matching
Adding doubles
Fundamental needs extensions
Montessori fill in the blanks 1
Montessori fill in the blanks 2
Discussion and journal ideas for Elementary

Cultural Geography Research Projects for 6 - 9 year olds

Montessori First Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Second Great story script and powerpoint

Montessori Third Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Fourth Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Montessori Fifth Great Story Script and Powerpoint

Continent Activities and Projects

Suffix word sort

Contraction Activities
History assessment for 6 - 9 years
Cultural geography and physical geography assessment for 6 - 9 years
Personal skills and abilities assessment for 6 -9 years
Human body assessment for 6- 9 years.
Zoology assessment for 6 - 9 years.
Astronomy assessment for 6 - 9 years
Earth science assessment for 6 - 9 years
Language assessment for 6 - 9 years
Botany assessment for 6 - 9 years
Colour by code
Plant and animals and resource
Back to school pack
Volcano lesson plans
Volcano Vocabulary Match up cards
Volcano Vocabulary Posters
3D Volcano Mapping
Earthquake Posters
Earthquake Matching Cards
3D Earthquake Map
Earthquake Unit
Letter matching and sorting
Montessori all about me
Subtraction of Fractions Tickets
Ordering Fractions with Same Demoninator
Addition of Fraction Tickets
Fraction Sorting Cards
Fraction Clip Cards
Fractions of an Amount Charts
Checkerboard task cards
Timeline cards
Verb match
Find someone who
Early life research
Vocab words for 1st great story
Carboniferous era
Devonian era
Vocab for great story 2
Color sorts
Playdough mats
Words for 3rd great story
Introduction to base 10
Make me
Place Value Tens and units
Adding with tens
Basic Place Value Task Cards 
Advanced place value task cards
Transition to school
Place value dice game
Grammar book
End of year reflection
Continent book
Timeline of Early Hominids
Fundamental Needs Industrial Revolution Great Britain
Fundamental Needs Modern Times
Montessori math: hundreds board task cards
Montessori math: Pythagoras board task cards
Improper Fraction match up
Ordering decimals on a number line: Clip and Flip
3d shapes nets clip and flip
Decimal Task Cards
Fraction Decimal Percentage flip book
Montessori math: advanced place value task cards set 2
Fundamental needs and environmental factors research projects for 9 - 12
Fundamental needs research projects for 9 - 12
Hunter Gatherer, Nomadic Herder, Agrarian Sorting

Jurassic Period Cards

Triassic Period Cards

Cretaceous Period Cards

Neogene Period Cards

Paleogene Period Cards

Quartenary Period cards

Area and Perimeter task cards

Alternative formats for Addition

Alternative formats for Subtraction

Alternative formats for Multiplication

Alternative formats for Division

Multiplication questions: 2 and 3 digit multipliers

Multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000

Multiplying decimals by a whole number

Hundred Board Puzzle Pieces Task Cards

Hundred Board Picture Extensions

Montessori Inspired Number Trees

Laws of the Universe

Planets Research

Planets Research Digital Edition

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