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Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Sun (cosmic)

Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Sun (cosmic)

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The cosmic vision of Montessori was for children to have an education that showed them how things interact, the cosmic task of all things in it and to connect the learner to that cosmic task.


This can also be bought as part of the Geographic Impressionistic Chart Bundle or the Cosmic Bundle


In this resource I have taken the traditional functional geography charts and weaved in a variety of curriculum areas. There are a huge variety of activities in here to encourage open ended exploration and to act as jumping off points for students to do their own study.


I have tried hard to decolonise the traditional Montessori lessons and acknowledge that I still have work to do in this area.



- Charts and scripts for

  • Solar energy is life giving. The sun is very hot. The heat from the sun reaches Earth at a ‘just right’ temperature to enable there to be living things.
  • Rotation gives us day and night. Revolution gives the astronomical western seasons.
  • Some places receive more direct sunrays and heat than others. Twice as many vertical rays cover the same amount of surface as oblique rays. Places near the equator stay hot all year round. Places at the poles receive very little heat and are covered in ice.
  • The Earth is 150 million kilometres from the sun


90 pages of integrated follow up activities including

  • Choice Board
  • Science experiments and demonstrations
  • 3 part cards
  • Hands on crafts
  • Reading comprehension activities (differentiated reading levels)
  • Art activities (analysis and creation)


112 pages


PDF - This is a Downloadable Resource

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