Montessori Senior Math bundle

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Looking for extensions for 6-12 maths. These are for you. You can see how they fit in with the curriculum by downloading a free math scope and sequence which shows how my resources link to the montessori curriculum

 This bundle includes activities for fractions, decimals, operations, basic facts, algebra and strand maths

Included are: 

Montessori math: advanced place value task card set 1

Four digit equations (Montessori)

Rounding Numbers

Montessori math: advanced place value task cards set 2

Montessori Checkerboard Stories

Montessori Checkerboard Task Cards

Multiplication questions: 2 and 3 digit multipliers

Alternative formats for Addition

Alternative formats for Division

Alternative formats for Multiplication

Alternative formats for Subtraction

Four digit 'Gateway to Algebra questions

Three digit 'Gateway to Algebra' questions

Fraction identification and sorting

Ordering fractions with the same denominator

Montessori Addition of fraction tickets

Montessori Subtraction of fraction tickets

Montessori fraction chart

Montessori fractions of an amount

Self Correcting independent Graphing activities

Montessori math: Measurement Activities

Montessori math: Probability

Montessori Multiples and Common Multiples

Montessori Factor sheet

Decimal Task Cards

Addition of Decimals Task Cards

Subtraction of Decimals Task Cards

Multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000

Multiplying decimals by a whole number

Ordering decimals on a number line: Clip and Flip

Fraction Decimal Percentage flip book

Fractional Notation and Decimal match up

Converting Fractions to Decimals Task Cards

Converting Fraction to Percentages Tasks Cards

Percentages Montessori inspired activity

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