Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts (cosmic)

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The Geographic Impressionistic Charts are an important part of the cosmic curriculum.

These charts are for primarily for 6-9 and fit well with the First Great Story, although they can be weaved throughout the whole year!


Included are my own versions of the charts.


You will get a file of the charts, suitable for sharing online or in person

A file with the scripts.


In the climate related pictures i've included Northern and Southern Hemisphere Versions.


  1. Ratio of Sun to Earth.
  2. Solar System.
  3. Cosmic Dance.
  4. Volcanoes Bring Life.
  5. Our Beautiful Earth
  6. Spheres of Earth.
  7. Solar Energy is Life Giving.
  8. Rotation Gives us Day and Night
  9. The Sun’s Rays Travel in Different Directions
  10. Distance Between Us
  11. The Atmosphere Blanket
  12. Earth Stores Heat.
  13. The Pot
  14. Day and Night
  15. Temperature on Earth
  16. Position of Earth to Sun.
  17. Astronomical Seasons
  18. Solstice and Equinox.
  19. Climatic Zones (3 pages)


You can also get this as part of the chart bundle and the Cosmic and Whole Store Bundle

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