Geography Task Cards


Elementary cultural geography and physical geography projects. Suitable for children in mainstream or Montessori classrooms. Many of these projects integrate into other Curriculum work such as Literacy or Zoology.

These 21 task cards (1 per page) use the multiple intelligences to encourage students to undertake geography projects either independently or in groups!

2 sets included one with color background and one with black and white background for schools that do not have access to color printing.

-Choose a country and draw a picture of the clothing worn by people there. Do people wear different clothes in different seasons?
-MUSIC:What is the national anthem of this country? Who wrote it?
Can you play it on an instrument OR Find a recording for us to listen to?

Templates and printables for students are included for more complicated tasks.

Designed by a montessori and state trained teacher


32 pages

You can buy this as a hard copy if you live in the US - order here


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