Continent Activities and Projects

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World Geography Continent work. These open ended social studies projects will help your students learn about continents by learning about Cultural geography and physical geography continent work. Suitable for children in Montessori Elementary or public school classrooms.

These activities encourage students to undertake geography projects either independently or in groups! Many of these projects integrate into other Social studies or science topics.

Each continent has several projects. The projects are a combination of mapping exercises and open ended projects.

These activities are suitable for students who are:
-fluent readers
-have done plenty of geography work e.g atlas work
-are able to work independently
-know how to undertake research

Each continent has the following projects:
-Mapping of rivers of each continent
-Mapping of physical features of each continent
-Mapping of mountains of each continent
-My Itinerary (students write an itinerary of a visit to that continent)
-Quick facts page (student fills in some facts about the continent e.g. Countries with the largest population, tallest mountain etc)
-Climate and Biome Research of each continent
-History of of each continent
-Animal research x 2
-Landmark research x 2

NOTE: Antarctica has slightly fewer projects
All pages are in Black and White


71 pages

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