Equivalent Fraction Task Cards (Montessori)

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An Elementary Montessori Inspired Math material to help students learn about equivalent fractions.


These are task cards and designed for open-ended exploration


These activities are designed as follow-up activities after equivalent fractions have been introduced.

It is assumed your child/ren will have access to the Montessori fraction pieces from one whole to tenths.

All of the answers assume that the child only has access to the above Montessori material. If a child is asked what is equivalent to one half, the last answer they will be able to reach, using the materials, is five-tenths.


It is highly recommended that they be presented in this order.


Set 1: Focus on finding equivalents for a whole

Set 2: Focus on exploration for students to find equivalent fractions of amounts

Set 3: Focus on equivalent fraction conversion in equation form.


Answer cards included


35 pages


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