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Cultural Geography Choice Board - Editable(geography)

Cultural Geography Choice Board - Editable(geography)

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Perfect for home or school these follow up tasks allow your learners to explore aspects of Cultural geography. Students choose the activities they want to do from the provided grid.


Fully editable using powerpoint


27 different activities to choose from including:


Example of Questions:


Landmark Creator

Using blocks or something similar make a model of a famous human made landmark from our country.



What do different

faiths say about kindness?

Make a poster


Countries and Capital Letters

Write your name down the side of a page, for each letter of your name write down a country that starts with that letter and a capital city.



These are great to have on your shelf for students who are at a loss for what to do or to guide conferences.


You might want to ask the child to complete a set number of tasks of their choice or 3 different types of tasks.




First Great Story Choice Board

Second Great Story Choice Board

Third Great Story Choice Board

Fourth Great Story Choice Board

This is also in my 


Whole Store Bundle

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