Contraction Activities


Contraction word sorts and activities. A great Montessori language activity to help students with word work and grammar.

Zip File Includes:
5 Contraction Word sorts (Each set is a different color to keep them organized, each set in a different folder).

6 pages of Contractions in context
- Montessori language style match up cards

17 worksheets. Including:
- Write the contraction for the given word (1 contraction sort per page)
- Write the 2 words for the contraction (1 contraction sort per page)
- Write a caption with a contraction for these pictures
- Find the contraction in a given passage
- Complete the sentence with the correct contraction.

These sets should be printed on card stock, laminated, and then cut. Cut on the lines to separate the contractions and the two words that make the contraction. This material can be used by students independently in a mainstream or as a Montessori language activity.


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