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Grammar color by parts of speech activity (literacy)

Grammar color by parts of speech activity (literacy)

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These parts of speech coloring in page activities have been designed with the reluctant literacy student in mind. Students color in the noun, verb, pronoun and so on to reveal a picture! This activity is ideal for students who are more creative than academically minded!

2 versions included
1 with traditional Montessori colors - this may mean the objects do not look usual e.g the giraffe will not be yellow and brown!
1 with random colors

They can be used as a revision tool or as a ‘leaping off’ point where students learn about parts of speech as they go.

Parts of speech covered
Nouns (concrete and abstract)

Ideal for montessori or 'normal' classrooms

There are 7 coloring in pages
Bird, Frog, Snake, Flower, Fish, Giraffe, books



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