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Transformation Sort (reflection, rotation, enlargement, reduction, translation)

Transformation Sort (reflection, rotation, enlargement, reduction, translation)

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Combine geography and geometry! This montessori inspired self correcting flag sort is ideal for young children learning about transformation.

I have included a header and example card

An answer is also printed on the back of each card (you will need to print the pages double sided).

 Place the column header cards down along the top of the mat or table. Explain what the header card is showing and what the label means.


Place the original cards down along the left hand side under the original header card (these are marked with the letter o).


Each flag will have three versions, apart from the original, to place down. This means that there will not be a version of each flag for each header card.


A small arrow is on the top right of each card to show which way up the card goes.



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