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Timeline of People - tracing history of people from Early humans to modern age

Timeline of People - tracing history of people from Early humans to modern age

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Trace the history of people through various time periods from the humans who lived with mammoth to today.

Using the red colour that is also found in other Montessori cosmic lessons this timeline draws out the history of humans introducing both key facts in human development along with interesting events and peoples. 

I designed this pack to help my 9-12 neurodivergent learners who find research with books overwhelming but are ready for more indepth study of humans.

Includes events from different places, cultures and continents. As this is a 'taster' timeline only a couple of sentences about each of the  events etc  are included. 

The following events/people/ideas are covered:

  • Paleolithic Period
  • Hunter Gatherers - 
    • Hunting of animals for food and clothes
  • Origin of human made fire
  • Human burial
  • Howeison Poort
  • Length of childhood
  • Blades
  • First needles
  • Cave art
  • Venus Figurines 
  • Dog domestication
  • Glaciers melting and human migration
  • Mega fauna
  • Mesolithic hunter gatherers and how they lived
  • Neolithic Period
  • Farming of einkorn and emmer
  • Copper - Balochistan
  • Invention of the wheel
  • Otzi the Iceman
  • Bronze age - mention of Akkadian and Assyrian Empire.
  • Start of Hinduisim and Judaism
  • Mathematics
  • Bronze Age
  • Building of Egyptian pyramids
  • Nok culture
  • Kushites
  • Persian Empire
  • Han Dynasty
  • Alexander the Great
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Roman Empire
  • Kingdom of Aksum
  • Maya and their writing system
  • Aztec and Inca civilizations
  • Lapita people
  • Founding of Islam
  • Enslavement 
  • Trading between Africa and the rest of the world
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Enlightenment
  • Political revolutions
  • Industrial revolution
  • Colonialism
  • Inventions in modern times
  • Political revolutions of 20th and 21st century.


You get: 

15 page timeline (UK and US timeline)

Pictures for children to make puppets, dioramas or posters.

28 Task cards for follow up featuring questions like: 

"Make a timeline that shows the different dynasties of China"

" The wheel was developed in Mesopotamia to make clay. What would the world be like today without wheels?"

Game: the answer is given and the child comes up with a question to go with the answer. Similar to a common game show game.


45 pages altogether


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