Skip Counting in 5 (Math resource)

$8.00 USD

Teaching Skip Counting?

This is for you. Designed for both homeschoolers and classrooms this resource is full of hands on resources that use the Montessori 5 colored bead bar

  • Cards for skip card sorting to 100 using bead bars
  • Labels which say '6 groups of 5' etc to place above sorting cards (above)
  • Train themed cards for skip counting sorting to 100
  • Skip counting puzzles for numbers 0-50 and 55-100 (4 versions)
  • Skip counting clip cards
  • Short and long bead chain worksheets (4 versions)
  • 4 worksheets
  • Skip counting in 5 or not? Sorting activity
  • Handwriting cards or poster
  • Equations for skip counting using the traditional Montessori layout, addition and subtraction. 

44 pages

PDF - This is a Downloadable Resource

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