Montessori Transition Social Story: My new school

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A transition booklet for students who are moving from Montessori pre-school ( 3-6) to an elementary school (Montessori or normal school).

This booklet helps students understand how their current class is different and similar to their new class. It also provides opportunity for children to express their feelings.

When completed the child can read the book regularly at home or school.

Formatted as a PPT all you need to do is insert text or pictures on the template to fit your needs. You can leave out pages that are not relevant and make your own as needed.

Included are:
- A cover page where student draws themselves and writes their name
-An introduction page
- How do you feel about your new school (circle the picture)
- this is where the bathroom is at my new school
- how to ask for help from the teacher
-Compare and contrast page: where to put your bag
- Compare and contrast page: this is my school / this is my new school
- Compare and contrast page: Children in my class/ children in my new class
-Compare and contrast page: this is my teacher/ this is my new teacher
-Compare and contrast page: where we play at school
-Compare and contrast page: things that are the same in our classes
-Compare and contrast page: things that are different in our classes
- 2 blank pages that can be adapted for your needs

sized for US letter

16 pages

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