Montessori Measurement: Temperature

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Are you looking for a resource you can dip in and out of for 5-10 year olds to teach temperature?


This resource is for you,

Designed by a Montessori and State trained teacher this resource is packed full of a variety of resources.


Includes materials to help students:

  • Learning vocabulary to compare temperatures using everyday language.
  • Describe relative temperatures using degrees.
  • Understand how temperature affects the everyday things we do such as clothing choice.
  • Read a thermometer and state whether a temperature is hot, warm or cold.
  • Understand integers as they apply to temperature.
  • Solve word problems involving a range of additive and multiplicative strategies and negative numbers.
  • Record weather temperatures

Types of learning activities included

Clip and flip cards

Montessori 3 part cards

Exploration of volume through using cooking equipment such as cups, bowls and pots

Task cards


29 pages

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