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Montessori Grammar Environment Bundle

Montessori Grammar Environment Bundle

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Are you looking for something that is not 'the farm' to teach Montessori Grammar?

While the farm is the traditional go to for many, having different environments is important for a variety of reasons including helping diverse learners and meeting the knowledge a child has about different places.

My miniature environments have pictures, words, and command cards. 

Print what you need and you are ready!

They can help students with

  • Sentence structure
  • Learning parts of speech
  • Thinking skills
  • Flexible thinking


The cards have been color coded to match the Montessori grammar symbols.


You may present this one of two ways:

1)Introduce the respective part of speech words after the child has had Montessori lessons on those parts of speech.

2)Introduce all of the words at once and allow the child to make sentences. You may wish to discuss with the child any patterns or observations they make about the words. Ensure that your child knows how to read the words on the cards.


Once children are comfortable with the material I add the grammar symbols and children symbolise/symbolize the sentence.


Multiple  versions included


Rainforest Miniature Environment

Ocean Miniature Environment

Winter Miniature Environment 

Temperate Rainforest Environment

Space Miniature Environment

A Day At The Beach Miniature Environment


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Lisa Kelly

Montessori Grammar Environment Bundle

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