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Montessori grammar activity set 1 (literacy)

Montessori grammar activity set 1 (literacy)

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Montessori Elementary extension activity for parts of speech, grammar and language.

Students fill in the blanks in these six (6) stories. The results are some very amusing stories.

Your students will need to know what nouns, verbs and adjectives are and the montessori symbols for these. These stories are best suited for lower elementary or 6-9 Montessori classes.

There is only one rule to follow: Fill in each of the blank spaces with the appropriate type of word. In this version there are 3 choices: nouns, verbs and adjectives. Outside of that, the choice of words are entirely up to the students, no matter how ridiculous that makes the story!

There are 6 stories in this pack:
-I go to a Montessori school
-A trip to the zoo
-My day
-How to make the pink tower
-The First Great Montessori story
A US and a UK spelling version are included.



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