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Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Space, Sun and Earth

Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Space, Sun and Earth

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Engage your learners after the first great story with the impressionistic charts. This set can encourage independent learning and inquiry around solar system, sun, and our Earth's composition. These are a modern and updated of the geographic impressionistic charts traditionally used in Montessori 6 - 12 as key part of the montessori curriculum. They have been designed to be used in both homeschool and classroom settings.


This is part of the geographic impressionistic chart growing bundle and the Cosmic and Whole Store Bundle



- Impressionistic charts 1 - 6 and scripts

- Choice Board

- Key Questions including:

  1. What are some key features of the planets?
  2. What are moons like for other planets in the solar system?
  3. What are some objects in our solar system
  4. How did volcanism help earth? What are some key features of volcanoes?
  5. What are the different layers or spheres of the Earth
  6. What is the rock cycle?
  7. What are the qualities of different rocks?
  8. How are rocks and minerals different to each other?


150+ pages of integrated follow up activities for the above including:

  • Sorting activities
  • Science experiments and demonstrations
  • Interactive notebooks
  • Hands on activities
  • Reading comprehension activities
  • 3 part cards
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