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Montessori back to school - find someone who

Montessori back to school - find someone who

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A 'getting to know you' activity designed specifically for Montessori Elementary classes. This activity helps your Montessori students find out about each other.

- find someone who likes to climb trees
- find someone who knows what color the Africa continent map is
- find someone who can name 3 fundamental needs of humans

-Get a copy of this printable for each student
-Each student will need a pencil/pen too
-It is suggested you put a time limit on this game and say to the students ‘you have 10 minutes to do this…’
-The student walks around and asks people whether they can …… (whatever the box says)
-Each student can only fill in ONE space in the grid, this means that each box should have a different name in it.
-At the end you can gather the students and say things like’ Can someone tell me a person they found who can …….

2 gameboards (2 pages)

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