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Māori classroom object game

Māori classroom object game

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Help your tamariki learn the Maori names of classroom items. A great activity for junior and pre-school children.

Children match the picture of a 'close up' of an classroom item to the full picture. There are 10 sets.

rākau ine - ruler
pene hinu - crayon
pene rākau - pencil
pukapuka - book
pene whītau - felt pen
hāpiapia - glue
tēpu - table
pine - pin
peita - paint
paraehe peita - paint brush

Key vocabulary is included so children learn the names of items in Maori too. An instruction page and vocabulary page is also included

Have a look at the preview which shows a close up

Suitable for kohanga , immersion or mainstream junior classes. This material covers Level 1 Maori in the Mainstream material.


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