Hundred Board Bundle

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Extend your Hundred board learning with this bundle.

Designed by a Montessori Teacher


Hundred Board Task Cards

  • Completed and Blank 100 board.  
  • 70 different command cards with answers.

Divided into 2 different sets.


Set 1 Learning Goals

Read any number to 100

Count forwards from any number up to 100

Count backwards from any number up to 100

Say the number before or after a number in the range of 1 – 100

Order numbers to 100



Set 2 Learning Goals

Count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100

Use a coding system to find a given number

Visualise a number through looking at a pattern


Hundred Board Puzzle pieces

deal for students who are fluent with the hundred board these cards encourage open ended thinking and allow students to also increase their ability to visualise numbers and place value.

36 task cards.

Worded like the following 'Put the number 21 somewhere on this hundred board puzzle piece. Then fill in the other squares


Hundred Board picture extensions

Are you looking to extend the Montessori Hundred Board learning of your learners?


To be used when the child is reasonably competent completing the hundred board.


Print off sheet. You may wish to enlarge it.


Cut up the individual squares or cut strips horizontally or vertically.


Give the child the pieces to glue onto a piece of paper and then color in.



10 x general pictures

3 x spring pictures

3 x summer pictures

3 x autumn pictures

3 x winter pictures


80 pages

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