Elementary Boot Camp: I've given the Great Lessons now what?


​​​​​​​In this 30 minute movie presentation Lisa from Montessorikiwi helps you with next steps after giving the Great Stories i your 6-12 class. This presentation is packed with practical ideas and thought provoking ideas.


The material includes:

-The importance of questioning and ‘space’
- Suggested follow up materials and how to integrate them (note this not a presentation of each of the follow up lessons)
-Inquiry Learning - what it is and how to use it
- Linking Great Stories to current events and the ’real world'


You also get a copy of the powerpoint slides to help with your planning.

Have you got children aged 6-12? Then stop for a moment & read this! Why? Cause we are in the same boat and you know just as much as I do, how hard it is to get quality Montessori materials for this age group. I am on constant look out and finally my search paid off...Montessorikiwi's elementary bootcamp materials. They are super easy to use, filled with extremely valuable information and practical tips for any parent/teacher. Each module comes with a video and a powerpoint presentation you can edit and adapt to your needs. I feel like my search is finally over! Thank you Lisa for putting this together! - Anita from Max and Naoli 



Make sure to also check all 3 bootcamps in this series



Great Lessons

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