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Montessori Advanced Grammar Symbolising (literacy)

Montessori Advanced Grammar Symbolising (literacy)

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These sentence strips encourage independent work in the function of words.
We have made our grammar sentences diverse to represent the multi-cultural world we live in.

Broken into 5 sets with 10 questions in each set. Each set is a mix of different parts of speech.

Each set has a variety of advanced parts of speech.

Example Sentences:
--The computer programmer persevered although the job was tough.
--The aurora borealis were visible in northern Norway, and Siri’s family loved the sight of them.
-- Pankaj was delighted to show his friend the Shedd Aquarium when she visited.
--Jude and Adelaide purchased a new sofa for their home after the previous one was destroyed by their dogs.

Includes the following parts of speech.
  • article
  • adjective
  • possessive adjective
  • proper adjective  
  • noun
  • proper noun
  • pronoun  
  • preposition  
  • adverb  
  • transitive verb, intransitive verb, linking verb, auxiliary verb
  • infinitive  
  • past participle
  • present participle  
  • gerund
  • coordinating conjunction and subordinating conjunction

US English
Answer Key is included
There is a basic set here.



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