Constellations From Around The World (cosmic)(geography)

$3.25 USD

We live in a wonderful world! Lets look at constellations, asterisms and clusters from around the world.


Using :


-3 part cards

-4 part cards

-Match up activity


Learn about the following:

  • The Big Bear
  • Emu (Australia)
  • Giraffes (Africa)
  • Cygnus
  • Te Waka o Tama rereti (NZ)
  • Yana Llama (South America)
  • Nahookos Biko (US)
  • The Black Tortise (China)


You can also find this in my resource  - Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Heat Atmosphere & Day Follow Up.

This is part of the geographic impressionistic chart growing bundle and the Cosmic and Whole Store Bundle


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