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Constellations From Around The World (cosmic)(geography)

Constellations From Around The World (cosmic)(geography)

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Constellations are important for both astronomy and mythology. bring this topic to life in your Montessori classroom with this pack of ready made learning materials.

In astronomy, constellations are used to locate certain stars and assist astronomers and navigators in their work. They also help in mapping the night sky and studying the movements and patterns of celestial objects. In mythology, constellations have been used to tell stories and represent gods, heroes, and creatures. They have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, and studying them can provide insight into the beliefs and practices of ancient civilizations.


Using :


-3 part cards

-4 part cards

-Match up activity


Learn about the following:

  • The Big Bear
  • Emu (Australia)
  • Giraffes (Africa)
  • Cygnus
  • Te Waka o Tama rereti (NZ)
  • Yana Llama (South America)
  • Nahookos Biko (US)
  • The Black Tortise (China)


You can also find this in my resource  - Montessori Geographic Impressionistic Charts - Heat Atmosphere & Day Follow Up.

This is part of the geographic impressionistic chart growing bundle and the Cosmic and Whole Store Bundle


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