Why you might need resources on animal snot on your shelf

Why you might need resources on animal snot on your shelf



The Montessori scope and sequence (or whatever curriculum you are using) is not a legal document.  

This is why I caution against people planning off a scope and sequence and ignoring the child in front of them.

The child's voice leads us in what we need to present, offer, extend and so on

Just because it is Autumn doesn't mean your child is interested in pumpkins. Just because someone else is doing a unit on the Titanic doesn't mean your child will be interested in it.

Watch your child play. What captures them?

It could be animal snot! Where could this interest lead you.

  • Biology - body parts, what is the job of the nose?
  • Zoology - do all animals have noses? Presenting parts of animals and comparing and contrasting.
  • Language - making wacky sentences about snot
  • Math problems 
  • A self directed project on viruses which leads to a "going out" and a self chosen way to present knowledge learned

What do I want my child/ren or class to graduate with?

A whole lot of facts about topics I thought were important or a graduate who has a whole lot of transferable skills and is a confident contributing person. My free graduate profile article has a copy of this resource.



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I completely agree with this article. Being a Montessorian and a special educator has made me realize that it is the child who unveils his/her learning plan and all adults have to do is to help the child reach the goal. I feel that the scope of Montessori curriculum is the child’s interest and not any document.


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