The big picture road map

The big picture road map

As a Montessori teacher and current homeschooler, I have a tendency to get stuck with the nitty-gritty behind the day too. From organising resources to behaviour management.

However, it's pointless to move at rocket speed if you're moving in the wrong direction.

Hence, it is critical that you don’t get overly obsessed with all the tiny details. Have a clear big picture strategy that you’re constantly referring to with regards to Montessori as you iron out the details.

Breaking It All Down: The Framework I Follow

You will be surprised by the number of Montessorians who don't actually have a big-picture plan when it comes to what they want their learners to be when they graduate.

Before they know it, years have passed and they are still treading water with the day to day stuff of teaching despite working so hard.

The reason? direction. 

To help, I would like to share a big picture plan for you to see how you can Montessori with the end goal in mind. Don't get distracted by seminars, curriculum, pretty shelves, equipment....... 

Start walking in the right direction, and a Montessori citizen is nearer than you think it is :)

As they say, it’s easy to get lost in the bushes... but not when you have this roadmap in your hands!

I keep this roadmap in front of me and regularly look at it and the reflection questions to help me keep perspective.

Do read the PDF, mull over it. It will help you get crystal clear on the direction you should be moving towards.


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