Hundred Board Puzzle pieces

Hundred Board Puzzle pieces


I am a big fan of the hundred board and a big fan of open ended maths questions. 

This week I have been combining both

I gave my students these puzzles pieces and then gave them a number. 

I said 

"One of the numbers on this board is 43 (you can use whatever number you want)

Put it on the board and fill in the other numbers.

There are lots of different possible answers."

Both of these students put the '43' in the same place as each other. 

I used ring binder pockets and whiteboard markers / dry erase markers. Each student was given their own 'board' to write on. 

As this was the first time many of the students had done this many of them copied off each other and unfortunately there weren't as many different 'answers' as I would have liked as students shifted their 43 to the same place as the child beside them!

Once we had done it a few times though the students were a lot more confident and did start putting their 43s into different places.

Here is one child practising during her own time using the 100 board tiles on the cut out 'puzzle pieces'  as an alternative other children have used the whiteboard marker and written straight on the puzzle pieces.

 We then had a follow up worksheet, You can get a free copy of the follow up worksheets and task cards I made emailed to you by clicking on the picture below.


You can see the full set of 36 puzzle piece task cards and 9 cuts by clicking on the underlined writing


I have another post on the hundred board which has the task cards I use you can see that here



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