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Unplugged coding - ocean themed suitable for Montessori

Unplugged coding - ocean themed suitable for Montessori

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Unplugged coding. It sounds strange but this is a great way to bring technology and programming into your class.


In this intro set, perfect for 6-9 year olds you will get

-Full easy to use instructions

-3 part cards for basic coding and programming words

-Be a programmer activity, make a code with given tokens and another child or the same child then writes the code with arrows.

-Fact cards about different sea animals to be used with the programming activities (children learn facts about sea animals and share these while coding)

-Premade coding strips for child to use tokens to construct a code

-Debug a code

-Large squares for the child to make a code on the floor with actions that use a sea theme e.g. 'sing a short song like a whale'


40 pages

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